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For people who know payments, Moonlight Payments is the partner of choice – the team that knows the industry from the inside out.

Founded and led by payments veterans, we have long-established partnerships at the highest levels with 30 leading banks that few others in the industry can reach.

You already know the payments marketplace is evolving at a lightning pace. Payment processing is a core part of what makes your business tick – so it can all be overwhelming.

That’s why you need a personal relationship with a partner that has unparalleled experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned agent seeking a home for your hard-to-place accounts, or a new merchant getting started with your first business, we’re here to guide you to the right processing solution to help your business thrive.

Payments are a Strategy –
choose Wisely.

For past business models, processing was a commodity – just another way to collect payments for your products alongside cash and checks.

Those days are gone. For today’s business models, from subscription boxes to SaaS to continuity products, payment processing is a vital component in the functioning of your entire business. Most processors have not kept up with this reality. This can be frustrating and exhausting as an entrepreneur.

Our founders have been on the cutting edge of this transition for years – that’s what led us to create Moonlight Payments to provide the support you need in your entrepreneurial journey.


Knowledge. Experience. Results

Our Solutions

Deep Expertise

With decades of payments industry experience, our team is prepared to handle every bump in the road your business may encounter.
We’ve seen it all, done most of it, and lived to tell the tale.


With the pandemic driving a massive shift to ecommerce, there’s never been a better time to launch an ecommerce business. We have the relationships and the support to get you the best rates and the most durable processing available.

Real Engagement

Most payment processors hand you off to green “customer service” people that got hired last week and need permission to use the restroom – let alone solve problems on your account. With Moonlight Payments, you’ll be working directly with our professionals. 


The continuity space – including nutra, skincare, and other D2C products – has been shaken up massively in the last 2 years. We know because we were there. Let us help you navigate these changes and find a solution to keep your business thriving.

Massive Options

Over years, we’ve built up deep, personal, high-level relationships with 30 leading banks. Anyone can call any bank and try to get your company boarded. The difference is they take our calls, and they approve our deals.

Bricks & Clicks

The reality of 2020 is that every business is an ecommerce business, whether or not they have a storefront. We help brick and mortar businesses implement comprehensive processing solutions that address both online and offline sales.

When “failure is not an option” for your payment solution.

In this business, let’s be honest – things go wrong. Sometimes, they go wrong spectacularly. 

An affiliate sends a flood of bad traffic. A customer service house drops the ball. A fulfillment house screws up their supply chain and orders get delayed. A pandemic shuts down everything overnight (we’d never believe it either, if it hadn’t just happened!).

When everything is going fine, pretty much any processor is the same as any other. Maybe the rates are different by a few basis points.

But when – not if – things go wrong, that’s when you find out if you made the right choice.

When it’s really hitting the fan, we’re the team that has been there, done that, and knows what to do next.


Our Experience Is Your Edge.

“Moonlight Never Disappoints”

“As a top CRM and Order Management System provider for continuity businesses, we work with a huge number of ecommerce merchants. When our clients have questions about payments, I’m always confident that when I send them to Brian and the Moonlight Payments team, our client will be taken care of, and get good, accurate advice. When I need a payments team, Moonlight never disappoints.”

Brian Bolerjack
VP Sales
Konnektive CRM


From Our Partners


“As a nutra continuity merchant, I know the reality is I will always have to manage chargebacks. Having a great payments partner is critical to protect my profitability and keep my MIDs running. The Moonlight Payments team always have my back, and they get me connected with the right banks. I sleep better knowing they’re on my team.”
– David Hawkins – Owner, Buy Breathe Fresh


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