Automotive Service Center Payment Solutions

Improve Profitability While Protecting Your Service Scores

Are Processing Costs Eating Into Your Profits?

Margins in the service center business are thin to begin with. Add in a 3-4% credit card processing fee and it gets even tougher.

That’s why Moonlight Payments created a special program specifically designed for automotive service centers, that allows you to eliminate 100% of your processing costs,

New Regulations, New Opportunity: If you haven’t looked into your payment processing in a while, you may not be aware that card brand rules and legal regulations have recently changed, and we can now implement a cash discount program that shifts processing costs to the customer in a thoughtful way that also protects customer satisfaction.

True Expertise: Our Automotive Solutions Team is led by a former service center executive, who designed our program to perfectly match your needs. Bobby Sparks, our director of business development, oversaw service department operations for the largest OEM dealer in the Ohio region.

  • Fixed ops grew by over 100% during his tenure
  • Maintained President Award CSI levels for customer satisfaction
  • Held Ford Master Certifications for Service Manager, Parts Manager, Warranty Administrator, and Service Advisor
  • Spearheaded construction projects that doubled square footage and headcount of the service department
  • Advised on Ford/Lincoln’s Fixed Ops advisory board meeting with Ford C-Level executives on service processes
  • Piloted new software products for Reynolds and Reynolds
  • Provided critical feedback to shape the products still used in service drives across the country today

There are many merchant processors out there, but none have our unique automotive experience that will ensure your success.

Saving You Money While Protecting Your CSI Scores

We know that service managers live and die by their Customer Satisfaction Index scores, so we’ve designed our program to protect those relationships while saving you thousands every month.


  • 0% credit card processing
  • One low fixed monthly fee
  • No minimum purchase
  • No contract or long-term commitment
  • No minimum volume
  • Unlimited processing
  • Contactless payments
  • More profit, more opportunity
  • Works on any platform and on a variety of payment devices
  • The most economical way to accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express transactions

How It Works


Simple Setup

We can implement our solution rapidly. No changes are needed to your listed prices – our system will apply the standard credit card adjustment to selected orders.

Cash Discount

Cash customers automatically receive the discounted rate. The amount of the discount is predetermined and built into our proprietary software.

Override Options

We all know some customers can object even to reasonable fees – that’s why our system allows the option to override and eliminate the surcharge for a specific customer. This ability can be given to all staff or managers only.


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